The Pie Wagon

One of the most visible things about Humble Pie is our friendly red pie wagon where you’ll find us around Berlin serving up sweet pies, fried chicken and other southern treats.

The pie wagon is a Maz Kupava model 813214-29 built in 2009 and, in a former life, she was a donut truck. I’m sure she’s got some stories from her donut days, but here’s a small selection of the adventures we’ve had together!

She acquires some new branding…


The pie wagon thinks she’s the BVG and drives on the tram tracks (sorry for the hold-up M10 folks!)…


The tarp, the tarp, the tarp is on fire….

Catching some sun at the beach, Beach Mitte that is…

And, most recently, a ride on a tow truck thanks to some brake vandalism….


We’re looking forward to more adventures, albeit hopefully ones that don’t involve any tow trucks or firemen. (And, in all seriousness, so help me if I ever find the rascal(s) that graffitied her, set fire to her or purposely messed with the brakes.)

Watch the event space on the site to find out where you can pay the pie wagon a visit next!

Your chief pie wagon operator,