Pie Wagon Back in Action

I’m not gonna lie folks – Humble Pie has been through some rough patches these last few months. Summer 2017 was rainy and bleak resulting in a disappointing market season, fall and winter weather continued to be “50 shades of gray” everyday, two of our butt-kicking biscuit bosses moved away and we experienced some growing pains that every new business is bound to face.

There were bright spots – we had an excellent Thanksgiving between hosting pie workshops and baking pies for lots of holiday tables around Berlin and our customers keep raving about the food, so, we keep picking ourselves up and dusting ourselves off.

Now that spring is here and the sun has returned, we are energized and looking forward to a great summer 2018 season with y’all. The pie wagon has had a mini-makeover, we’ve got some new menu items to unveil (did I hear someone say “Tennessee Tacos”) and I’m building a great new team of biscuit bosses.

Sun’s gonna be out and our biscuit buns are gonna be out, too! We’ll be at Street Food auf Achse and Bite Club regularly and we’ll be popping up at various summer parties and events throughout the summer.

Keep an eye out on the events section of the website to see where you can catch the friendly red pie wagon next! And, we’ve still got some dates free in case you are interested in booking the wagon for your summer party or event – just drop us a line at info@humblepie.de.

Bis dann!

Your chief pie wagon operator,